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All content and services of the website fk-consulting.gr belonging to the Company «FK Consulting Services ΕΠΕ», hereafter called «fk-consulting.gr», are provided to visitors strictly for personal use.

The «fk-consulting.gr» cannot be held responsible for possible errors or omissions that may exist and reserves the right to proceed in changes in the website whenever this is deemed necessary without prior notification.

The «fk-consulting.gr» cannot be held responsible for possible damages from the use of the website or from the information provided on the website. More specifically, «fk-consulting.gr» cannot be held responsible for specific, intermediate, occasional or concomitant, material damages from visiting the website or/and from the use of services or information provided in «fk-consulting.gr». Moreover, «fk-consulting.gr» cannot be held responsible for the content of websites of third parties connected through links or provided as references in the website «fk-consulting.gr».

Visiting and/or using the services at «fk-consulting.gr» entails and constitutes an unconditional acceptance of the terms & conditions. The «fk-consulting.gr» makes every effort to ensure that the content and information provided on its website is accurate and complete, but does not warrant or accept any express or implied liability, liabilities against any third party and including any liability on whatsoever further errors, inaccuracies or omissions given that the development of new content of the website may be continuous and the information published may not be updated daily.

The «fk-consulting.gr» undertakes no responsibility and does not guarantee the legality, reliability, accuracy, correctness, quality, stability or timeliness, suitability or marketability for any purpose of any part or the whole of the information provided on its Website, operation and use of any service of the website «fk-consulting.gr».

The «fk-consulting.gr» is not responsible for the loss of information of any kind sent to or through its website. In no event will «fk-consulting.gr» be liable for any special, direct, indirect, criminal, secondary damage or any damage in general resulting from loss of use, data or profits, whatever the cause or manner, arising out of or in connection with using or running software, providing or failing to provide services, accessing or inability to access the services, or using and relying on information available on those services, including any secondary, special, or similar damage.

Information that every visitor accesses or receives as a member user using any of the services provided that they are sent, or e-mailed by other users/members or third parties, is not verified, controlled, tested or validated by the owner of «fk-consulting.gr».

The «fk-consulting.gr» does not warrant or guarantee that any software or information on «fk-consulting.gr» will be virus-free, or free of any other malicious software with a potentially detrimental impact on the operating system of the user’s personal computer. It is the sole responsibility of each end user to isolate the software and the files, to implement ‘anti-infectious’ measures and to ensure that the software and the files used, if infected, will not destroy the information or the operating system in his personal computer.

The «fk-consulting.gr» stores information (known as ‘cookies’) on the user’s computer that uses the website. Cookies make it easy for the user to navigate through the website and enable the website to provide a better level of services. The cookies can be switched on or off according to the wish of the end-user of the website. The help screens or the browser user manual in use guide the user to relevant actions. However, some services of «fk-consulting.gr» may not work if the user configures the browser to prevent cookies.

The «fk-consulting.gr» reserves the right and exclusive discretion to (a) make improvements and/or modifications to any service and/or software provided on «fk-consulting.gr», including not exclusively changing or deleting usernames and passwords; (b) cease to provide any service and / or software and refrain from posting on «fk-consulting.gr» as well as deleting any information or material provided or posted by the user at any time without prior notification, mainly but not exclusively for functionality, security or other necessary reasons, (c) use any suggestions or information made available by users/members of «fk-consulting.gr» in any way deemed appropriate within the legal framework of use (such as in the case of personal data protection).

The services provided by «fk-consulting.gr» through «fk-consulting.gr» are free of charge. The «fk-consulting.gr», however, may at any time, without prior notice, discontinue or suspend the provision of such services, or alter their nature and content. The provision of such services may also be interrupted, suspended or hampered either permanently or temporarily as a result of events outside the control or regardless of the will of «fk-consulting.gr». The «fk-consulting.gr» is not responsible for any damage caused to users visiting «fk-consulting.gr».

The intellectual property rights (a) to part of the content of «fk-consulting.gr» and (b) to «fk-consulting.gr» and (c) to the relevant distinctive title is the sole property of the respective publisher.

*** Last updated 15/04/2019

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