Audit Services


We provide audit-assurance services with experienced and certified executives with extensive knowledge and effectiveness in conducting audits, identifying and recording any weaknesses and problems while at the same time suggesting the appropriate solutions to address them.


Internal Audit

The definition of Internal Audit, in accordance with Auditing Standards, accurately reflects the essence and importance of Internal Audit:

"Internal audit is an independent and objective assurance and consulting activity designed to add value and improve the functions of an organization. It helps the organization achieve its objectives by adopting a systematic, professional approach to evaluating and improving the effectiveness of processes, risk management, internal control systems and corporate governance."

  • Preparation of Risk Management Study
  • Risk Mapping - Management/Management Suggestions
  • Establishment of Reorganization of the Internal Audit Department
  • Planning Support - Implementation of Internal Audit
  • Preparation of Audit Reports
  • Evaluation of Existing Systems - Improvement Proposals.

We have experienced and certified executives, with training in Internal Audit and specialized knowledge in risk management.


Regulatory Compliance

  • Compliance Diagnosis
  • Participation in Audit Committees
  • Support Audit Committee Tasks

We have executives from the area of ​​Chartered Accountants and have the certification and qualifications required to participate and organize the operation of Audit Committees.


Special Controls

Due Diligences

  • Ratings – Valuations Business
  • Negotiation Process Support
  • Valuation Assets - Intangible Elements

Special Control

  • Audits - Newsletter Reports
  • Independent Evaluation Reports
  • Pre-agreed Procedures
  • Overview Services
  • Special Objects Checks

Management Controls

  • Fraud Investigations
  • Systems Inspection
  • Investigation - File Analysis
  • Preparing Expert Reports

For the provision of the above Services, we work with recognized and experienced Certified Auditors who are members of a company with an international presence.


Auditing Services

  • Audits of Corporate Financial Statements
  • Audits of the Consolidated Financial Statements
  • Checks - Information Package Reviews
  • Annual Compliance Checks
  • Listing Financial Controls
  • Postings of Qualified Personnel

For the provision of Auditing Services we work with recognized and experienced Chartered Accountants - members of a company with an international presence.


Monitoring Trustee

  • Implementation of Business Restructuring Plans
  • Monitoring of financial plan implementation
  • Confirmation of Obligation Payment Plan Compliance

We undertake the preparation of periodic financial reports with reporting data for the purpose of informing the Monitoring Trustee Committees.

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